Hey there, I'm Prudhvi ✋

Crafting Digital Magic, One Pixel at a Time!

What I Do

Things I  ❤️  to do…

Web Design and Development

Oh, you know, I just casually dabble in designing websites and crafting those oh-so-hungry-for-growth landing pages. It’s not like it’s a big deal or anything. And then, of course, I wave my magic wand and develop them. No biggie, really.

Product Management

Oh, how fortunate for you! I’m already swamped as a full-time product manager, but sure, I can magically squeeze in some extra time to handle your product management needs, whether you’re just starting out or you’re on the brink of world domination. No problem at all!

Website Performance Boost

Oh, what a groundbreaking endeavor! I just had to go ahead and boost those oh-so-critical website performance metrics (you know, the core web vitals) just to keep Google’s infinite wisdom satisfied and, of course, to witness the masses clamoring for more engagement. It’s not like there’s anything else more important to do, right?

04 (bonus)
I talk a lot about tech and physics

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About me

Tajmahal and Me🙂
A forever learner in connecting dots and problem solving.

🎨💻 Product manager, web dev, and design ninja with a borderline unhealthy obsession for detail. Crafting user-friendly magic and making metrics dance with just a flick of my design wand! 🪄✨

When I’m not busy being a digital wizard, you’ll find me deep in conversations about the latest tech and gadgets, because let’s be real, who doesn’t enjoy a good geek-out session? 🤓💬

Oh, and did I mention I’m a closet physicist? Cosmology’s my jam! 🌌🤯 Let’s chat about the mysteries of the universe sometime! 🌠🔍

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